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  • WHAT: providing private, personal psychotherapy, counselling, supervision and coaching for individuals, couples and poly relationships. Confidentiality and discretion assured.
  • WHERE: feel free to arrange to visit me, or as some prefer I also offer therapy both national and international via Skype, Zoom, GoogleTalk or other online video chat medium.
  • WHEN: at a mutually convenient time for you and I. One hour, between the hours of 10am and 9pm, Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Weekly or fortnightly.
  • WHY: focusing on self-development and personal growth. Dealing with pattern repeating, childhood issues, bereavement and loss, sexuality, sexual issues and sexual trauma, gender issues, anger, anxiety, depression, stress and relationships. Also adult/diversity/situational struggles.


  • APPROACH: I utilize tools within our sessions as appropriate and useful for you. I work from an Integrative perspective, coming from a psycho-dynamically trained background but pulling on specific tools and resources that I prefer to incorporate from other theories, dependent on individual client needs. Psycho-education, equipping you with understanding, skills, techniques and strategies. Other skills/tools at my disposal may be offered if appropriate or relevant to a particular client.
  • VOLUNTARY WORK: I provided Counselling on a voluntary basis on behalf of the charity M.I.N.D. for two years. I still do some pro-bono work for appropriate clients.
  • PATREON: I also run a Patreon (please become a Patron and help fund this vital work) so that I can offer part-bursary paid places for those less privileged by virtue of gender, sexuality, ability, race.
  • SUPERVISION: Private (three weekly) supervision provides somewhere for the therapist to discuss or seek advice from their peers. It is recommended within industry guidelines for both your protection, and mine. Note: supervisory conversations are kept 100% confidential and anonymous.
  • TRAINING: I am a firm believer in C.P.D. (continuous professional development) This means I continue with training courses and further, ongoing training in as many areas as I can manage to fit in. For example I completed an excellent, very useful 40 hour bereavement counselling course. I have completed many additional training courses; for example mental health awareness, self harm, trauma in the body, etc. I also completed the two year PGDip (Post Graduate Diploma) in GSRD (Gender, sexuality, relationship diversities) with Pink Therapy.
  • OTHER SKILLS: additional studies in N.L.P. (neuro-linguistic programming), life coaching and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. Useful, additional skills in my tool-kit for assisting you to overcome your personal challenges. I’ve even taught clients to meditate!
  • DIVERSITY: some topics are traditionally shied away from during counselling. Clients are concerned that they may be judged or deemed having a ‘problem’ when discussing certain topics. For the record I have a thorough grasp and familiar grounding within the following adult topics, therefore you need not worry that your ‘issue’ is something I might not understand. Polyamory, spirituality, transgender, tantra, kink, role-play or power exchange. Intersectionality within complexities of culture, physical ability, health, and neuro-diversity are also well within my fields of experience. If in doubt that your particular challenge is something I’d be willing to help you with, please feel free to just ask.
  • SPIRITUALITY: those who know me from elsewhere will testify that I have a certain level of spiritual understanding (not religion). My experiences of spirituality include a fundamental understanding and practice of meditation, shamanism, paganism, and Tarot as a life path progression and personal developmental tool, and more. For some people this is irrelevant. I include it here because for many it is relevant. Ask for more information.

8 Responses to Information

  1. Hi there Robert. Please feel free to email me on where we can talk freely and you can, if you choose, schedule in an assessment session with me. Kind regards, DK


  2. Claire Colman says:

    Hi, what are your qualifications / training, I have a very disturbed friend who needs help.


    • Hi Claire, please feel free to email me on or using the contact form on this site.
      In the information on the site is listed my qualifications and training; 5 years in psychotherapy/counselling and 2 years post grad dip. full professional insurance; I have those certificates for examination by any client.
      You can pass your friend my information.


  3. Jamie Cranson says:

    I would like to book in please and talk to someone, I currently work offshore would it be possible to book in for the 20th or 21st of this month when I’m home. A reply by email please. Thanks Jamie


  4. Julie Twigg says:

    I would like to book an appointment for my son I think he is becoming depressed but not sure


  5. Nikolas barrell says:


    I am looking for counselling:)


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