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DK Day

Wednesday is always “DK day”, it says so in my calendar as a repeat and highlighted appointment. This particular appointment is solely for myself, a practice I have been enjoying for this past year, having realised that I felt I had very little time and energy left for me.

Therapists often suffer from ‘burn out’ due to working together with clients – often through very difficult challenges – can necessitate a certain level of resilience. I have discovered that by keeping one day ‘appointment free’, mid week, I avoid that! That is all about ‘self care’, in other words I practice what I preach.

Are you able to and do you succeed in good self care? Do you know how best to take care of *yourself* within the bustle and demands of our current everyday life? If you feel you’d like to work with me on this or anything else, do give me a no obligation call on 07973 788376I currently have two client spaces available due to two clients happily completing their work with me. I look forward to working with you.

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DK Green – The Kink Paradox – YouTube

Posting this here for reference and so you can all see it if you haven’t already and wish to.

This is the twenty minute Keynote Presentation I gave at the Pink Therapy Annual Conference; ‘Beyond the Rainbow’. The subject matter was challenging, enormous and tough to condense into a short presentation, but feedback suggests it was particularly helpful to many therapists present.

The topic was; When presented with a client with a history of traumatic abuse and a concurrent interest in BDSM, how does the therapist unpack that which is healthy and that which may need to be worked with therapeutically.

DK x

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Excellent article & video: Borderline Personality Disorder

The video is 48 minutes long, but for clients and indeed therapists wishing to reach a better understanding of BPD (borderline personality disorder), it is well worth watching.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Disconnectedness & Emotional Chaos | Caregivers, Family & Friends.

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More Testimonials Added!

Click on the Testimonials link to take a look.

It gives me a true sense of pride and satisfaction to receive a testimonial; whether a few short words or an in depth writing of someone’s experience with me. I’m certainly more than happy to include them here from time to time and share them with readers!

Sincere thanks to those who choose to write their thanks personally, and allow me to share them here.

DK x

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Spring has definitely sprung

I’m somehow more keenly aware of how blessed I am in this life lately. Revelling in unexpected sunshine and warmth, enjoying the scents and colours of new flowers and budding green shoots everywhere, and feeling my smile widen with the promise of Summertime teas in the garden and beach or woodland walks with loved ones.


However, it wasn’t always like this for me. In the past I’ve had periods of troubled times and life has been less than kind from time to time. Just like you, I’ve weathered storms of mental and emotional anguish, troubles both physical and emotional… and fortunately found my way out of those times, with the love and support I’ve been blessed with but also, with outside help from a therapist.

Not everyone has the support of loved ones. Sometimes even with the loving nurture of those around us, troubled times can feel simply too much to bear, or to handle.

Are you there right now? Wondering when it will be your chance to turn your face to the sun and really feel ‘ok’ or better still, ‘happy’? Come work with me, let us work together to help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to be.

Pick up the phone (07973788376), or drop me an email (dkgreen1967@gmail.com).

Let’s talk.

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The wheel turns once more

garden jan15The breath of fresh air that this morning was for me, was a simple reminder of how that feels. The eyelid moistening relief. The tickle of an unbidden smile. Hope for the future. The allowance for room in each day to pause, to enjoy a moment as the present (both in time, and gift) that it is.

Having a period of time with a little of life’s challenges getting in the way of the smiles (loss, grief, fear/worry), we can forget these things, so easily. It’s called being human.

Stepping out into my garden and breathing deeply, smiling, enjoying… I was suddenly reminded that ‘this’ is precisely what I truly aim for with my clients who may be struggling. This moment of renewal. This love of life. This appreciation for all things. This ‘not’ looking at the garden through windows and seeing rain, stark, cold, empty, worry or fear, but actually stepping out into it, stretching and breathing deep again!

With that inhale came scents of fresh grass after the rain, the beauty of birdsong, even the background noises of other people going about their daily lives. With that exhale came a smile on my face that actually felt briefly strange after a time of, well, less smiles than usual shall we say. With that deep breath came laughter, the amusement at self, that yes I’m still capable of being human too, of allowing myself to wrest and struggle with these things based in regret for the past and fear of the future, instead of living and loving freely in the present.

With that exhale came a reminder of a love of life, and all it’s beauty and blessings that these concerns forget.

So, if you find yourself seeing only bleak, forgetting how to smile without it feeling an awful effort, lonely, dark, withdrawn… give me a call.

I can empathise, because I’m human too.

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New year new start?

The seasonal joy we see prolifically on social media around this time of year is wonderful. For those who are sharing it.

2014-12-29 15.20.26

That is unless of course you’re really not feeling the ‘Christmas cheer’.

This can be for many reasons. Perhaps you are alone for Christmas or New Year (as always, again, or for the first time). Some things that are arguably harder to bear at this time are loss, bereavement, relationship collapse, financial stress or perhaps a traumatic event. To be alone for Christmas is difficult, compounding a sadness that we may not struggle to endure quite so much, at other times. To lose someone and to grieve at any time is hard, but at this time can feel inexplicably significant. Worries and stress around work and money can sometimes be exaggerated by the pressures of those shiny boxes beneath the tree, not to mention the anxieties invited by stressed shoppers or overwhelming family gatherings.

Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to manage yourself and your emotions – let alone life – around this holiday period, particularly whilst it seems everywhere we look we see so much celebration, family displays of affection, friends warmth and so forth.

Those suffering often feel they are suffering silently and alone. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Perhaps this is a time where you simply need a metaphorical ‘hand to hold’ you, someone to turn to, talk to, someone to listen to you. Perhaps this is the time for action, for change, to make a difference and to not feel the same when this season rolls around again next time.

Whatever your struggle, whatever your difficulties, I can help. Pick up the phone, or drop me an email. Let’s talk.

DKGreen1967@gmail.com or 07973 788376


DK x

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