I feel strongly that therapy should be accessible to all, therefore I have a stepped fee system based upon income, are rates all per one hour session. In other words; £140 is my current hourly fee for personal therapy; the rest are discounted for lower incomes.

Personal Therapy:

  • £40,000+ p.a. income = £140
  • £30-£40,000 p.a. income = £110
  • £25-£30,000 p.a. income = £80
  • £18-£25,000 p.a. income = £70
  • Under £18k / financial hardship = £40

Relationship Therapy and Supervision:

  • Also dependant on income (as above £60, 90, 100, 130, 160)

Further Discounts:

  • 10% discount for 10 sessions booked & paid for in advance (= 1 session free)
  • Limited number of part bursary places available (for LGBTQIA+/disability/BAME)

Payment Methods (prepayment i.e. prior to your session):

Please note: I pay fees on PayPal payments, so would prefer bank payment if possible

If you wish to go ahead and book an assessment session with me, please use the link below and book a slot. I look forward to meeting you.

Schedule Appointment

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